True Blue Puncture Goo Tyre Puncture Sealant 1L

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Does your mower have a tyre that is always going flat? Are you tired of patching your old tyres or tubes? Do you want to extend the life of your new tyres and protect from future punctures? Look no further! True Blue Puncture Goo has got your tyres covered!

Setting the standard in the Tyre Sealant Market for over 30 years, True Blue Puncture Goo has proven to be successful in a large variety of vehicles both On road and Off. True Blue Goo is environmentally friendly & bio degradable, it is the only Tyre Sealant that can be truely used as a preventative, without having detrimental effects to the Tyres & Tubes.

True Blue Puncture Goo can be used on:

  • SLOW LEAKS – insert Goo, pump up tyre to its maximum capacity and use the vehicle as normal. The Goo will find and repair the leak and you will be able to get back to mowing.
  • LARGE INTRUSIONS – You can leave the intrusion in the tyre until it is convenient to patch or plug, the Goo will form a fibrous patch around the object, slowing down the amount of air escaping from the tyre. We recommend to plug or patch punctures larger than 6mm.
  • PREVENTATIVE REPAIR - True Blue Puncture Goo can be added to your tyres even before you have a puncture or leak. It will remain in liquid form inside your tyre until a puncture has occured. 

How much True Blue Puncture Goo do I need for my mower?

For most smaller ride-on mowers, each front tyre will require about 200mL of Goo and about 300mL in each rear tyre. Larger ride-on mowers will need 200mL in the front tyres and up to 500mL in the rears

Quantities and longevity of the Goo per tyre can vary due to the conditions of where you are mowing. If you are getting punctures regularly you can add more Goo to prolong the period of time before re-applying. You cannot overdose a tyre or tube, but it needs to remain cost effective.

How do I get True Blue Goo into my tyres?

  1. Remove the silver valve remover from the clear tube on the side of the Goo bottle.
  2. Remove the valve core from the valve stem.
  3. Snip the bottles resealable cap 3mm from the end.
  4. Rotate the tyre to 7 O'clock & apply the appropriate amount of Goo.
  5. Right the bottle and squeeze to clear the valve stem of remaining Goo.
  6. Replace the valve core & inflate the tyre to the tyre manufacturer's maximum pressure.
  7. Rock tyre back & forth over the punctured area till puncture takes up.
  8. Use vehicle until tyre pressure has stabilized. Check tyre pressure regularly. If any irregularity occurs, consult manufacturer.
  9. If using as a preventative, insert Goo into tyre and inflate to regular pressure.

True Blue Goo is designed and manufactured in Australia, making it free from Glycol & Ammonia based chemicals which are proven to shorten the life of the tyre. Dont let flat tyres slow you down! True Blue Puncture Goo is designed for "Down Under" conditions and has been keeping Australians on the move since 1978.