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John Deere Black Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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John Deere is proud to announce the new and improved Pistol-Grip Grease Gun. The new grease guns are built to John Deere's specifications to withstand the high demands of agricultural and commercial users. These new grease guns are the industry's premium in performance, reliability and accountability.

Grease is an inexpensive insurance that keeps your equipment running strong. That's why investing a little extra for the highest quality lubricants teamed with a first-rate grease gun is money well spent. 

John Deere Pistol-Grip Grease Guns Deliver:

  • Thick, industrial-strength steel throughout for long life
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort
  • Premium rod-and-plunger design for improved grease compression
  • Critical components constructed of cast iron for ultimate durability


  • 17% larger diameter piston for easy discharge of grease in extreme cold
  • Contoured fixed handle for better grip
  • Non-slip textured powder coated finish
  • Double lipped grease folower for use with grease cartridge of any type (paper, plastic, etc.) and any make without ever getting stuck. The follower works equally well with bulk grease
  • Improved plunger rod design - locks with the rubber follower for purging the trapped air in grease
  • Super Flex 18-inch hose with the highest flexibility and a bend radius of a minimum of 1.57-inches
  • Standard Duty 3 jaw hydraulic coupler with hardened coupler jaws and body--Withstands pressures up to 5,000 PSI without deformation - Hexagon nut for easy tightening design
  • Easy tilt and twist couple design for zerk fitting contact and release
  • Added threads on grease cylinder for better and more firm attachment with the gun head

Please note: This grease gun is ONLY compatible with 397g (14oz) grease cartridges and will not fit in the common 450g cartidges typically found here in Australia.