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Silky Nata Professional 240mm Hatchet Outback Edition

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The Nata Outback is built to handle the wild with confidence. Featuring a new Black Oxide process, this coating protects the entire blade, providing excellent durability against wear and rust. It also reduces shine and glare, offering additional stealth during hunting.

The non-slip rubberized grip dampens vibrations and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge, maximizing each swing and reducing fatigue.

Handmade in Ono, Japan, the Nata is perfect for clearing vines, chopping wood, small logs and kindling for your campfire.


  • Handcrafted in Ono, Japan.
  • Blade Length: 240 mm / 9.5 in
  • Blade thickness: 5.7 mm / .22 in
  • Hatchet weight: 970 g / 2.13 lb
  • Blade weight: 590 g / 1.3 lb
  • Blade Plating: Silky Black Oxide
  • Made in Ono, Japan