Vermeer Stay Sharp Chipper Knife Kit Suits BC1000XL / BC1200XL

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Vermeer offers high quality knives for your brush chipper that are manufactured using high-grade steel and a dual-tempered heat-treatment process. This technique makes the steel hard enough to hold an edge and strong enough to withstand tough jobsite material. Each knife is hardened and machined to factory specifications for extended wear life.

The knives or blades are the hardest working component of a brush chipper. A sharp knife allows for a clean cut and produces a smaller chip that can be thrown further. It also reduces stress on machine components such as the engine and drive belts.

Vermeer chipper knives feature 2 usable cutting edges allowing the knife to be flipped and reused doubling the service life of each blade.

This Chipper Knife Kit Includes:

  • Chipper Knife x 2 
  • High Tensile Knife Bolt x 8
  • Vial of Torque Lurbicant x 1

Knife Specifications:
Knife Thickness: 1.6cm (0.6")
Knife Size: 1.6 cm x 11.4 cm x 22.9 cm (0.63" x 4.5" x 9"))
Number of Bolts Holes Per Knife: 4 (Countersunk)
Knife Material: A8 chipper steel
Suits: Vermeer BC1000XL & BC1200XL Wood Chippers

Please Note: This knife kit is NOT compatible with older BC1000, BC1000I & BC1000XL's that use 50mm bolts, these machines will require a 153175001 knife kit. 

Pro tips:

  • Inspect chipper knives daily for cracks and damage prior to chipper operation.
  • Replace brush chipper knives in paired sets to ensure a balanced drum.
  • It is recommended to check and adjust the shear bar (anvil) gap when fitting new blades to your machine to reduce wear and improve efficiency.
  • Chipper knife bolts should be replaced after 2 uses. Always replace the bolts when installing new blades or installing sharpened blades to the machine.
  • Vermeer chipper knives can be sharpened to extend their wear life. Refer to your machines maintenance manual for sharpening information.

Before installing or replacing knives in your chipper, always refer to your machine maintenance manual to ensure proper chipper knife maintenance and installation procedures are followed.